Doctor Whom

by Adam Roberts 
(also goes by A.R.R.R. Roberts, A3R Roberts & Don Brine)

*Condition of the book is as you see in the pictures. Click on the images to enlarge.
*Firsthand copy. Red once. 
*Excellent condition

Product Description (via goodreads.com)
Dr. Who better watch out—Doctor WHOM is here! He’s the grammatically correct TimeLord (or should that be Time Lord? Or Timelord?) who has come to save Earth from the terror’s of sloppy syntax and bad grammar. With his intrepid assistant by his side, Whom’s on a mission to correct greengrocers sign’s, the errors of popular fiction, and government memos (memoes?). If he fails, the results are dire: inaccurate and lazy communication will rip apart the very fabric of the space time continuum. And one thing’s for sure: he’s not ready to eat, shoot, and leave before the job is done

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