The Discomfort Zone

by Jonathan Franzen

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*Condition of the book is as you see in the pictures. Click on the images to enlarge.

*Firsthand copy. Read once. 
*Minor scrapes on the top back cover and on the lower corner (refer to the pictures).  

Product Description (via amazon.com)
Jonathan Franzen arrived late, and last, in a family of boys in Webster Groves, Missouri. The Discomfort Zone is his intimate memoir of his growth from a "small and fundamentally ridiculous person," through an adolescence both excruciating and strangely happy, into an adult with embarrassing and unexpected passions. It's also a portrait of a middle-class family weathering the turbulence of the 1970s, and a vivid personal history of the decades in which America turned away from its midcentury idealism and became a more polarized society. 

The explosive dynamics of a Christian youth fellowship in the 1970s...the effects of Kafka's fiction on his protracted quest to lose his virginity...the web of connections between bird watching, a collapsing marriage and the problem of global warming; in his comic memoir of self-consciousness, the author of The Corrections tells the story of his life and of the strange country in which he lived in. 

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