Yesterday's Daughter

by Patricia Calvert

*Condition of book is as seen in the picture. Click for clearer details. 
*Firsthand copy from old home library collection.
*Seasoned book. Note that it has ancient brown pages so it's discolored and does look and feel old. However, it is still very readable.

Product Description (via amazon.com)

Sixteen-year-old Leenie was conceived during a one-time encounter between two naive high-school students and left to be raised by her maternal grandparents. Ever since third grade, when she learned the meaning of "illegitimate," Leenie has been unable to accept her yesterday, which makes facing today almost too painful to bear. "Today" includes the return of her mother, Mary Alice, who now wants a relationship with Leenie. It also includes Axel, an attractive young photographer. Her emotional struggles are told in a fast-paced, tightly-written narrative. In a literary world filled with fluffy teen-age romance, it is refreshing to read a story that offers insight and depth of feeling.

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