by Sharon Doger

*Condition of book is as seen in the picture. Click for better clarity.
*I actually bought this book by mistake and didn't realize that it's for young adults. Although I like young adult fiction but this one is just not my cup of tea.
*It looks just as I bought it and I've never read it.

Product Description (via amazon.com)

When Hal's family makes the heart-wrenching decision to leave Charley, their comatose daughter, behind in a hospital ward while they spend the summer on the west coast of England, Hal finds it harder than ever to shake his sister's presence. What power is letting him share her memories? And will they reveal the deep, dark truth behind her tragic "accident"? Set at a beach where growing up goes wrong, WAVES is a coming-of-age story about first love and first loss; about a family drowning in sorrow, and the remarkable son who is struggling against the tide to save them.

Book Quotes:

"Sometimes, i think the sea nearly killed her, loved her so much that it didn't want to give her back. Other times i just hate Charley for ever existing in the first place."

"And she's alive, so alive that even the sun wants a piece of her, and that's what hurts most of all. That someone so alive could possibly be dying. And worse, that as she dies, we all seem to be dying too, somehow, especially Mum."
— Sharon Dogar (Waves)

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