Chalfont College 2: Rising Star

by Lance Salway

*Condition of book is as seen in the picture. Click for clearer details. 
*Firsthand copy from old home library collection.
*One of those tween flicks type of book. Probably a part of a series (says Chalfront College 2 on cover) - don't remember but I probably read this during my wee early teens. Don't judge! =p).
*Seasoned book. Note that it has brown pages so it's discolored and does look and feel old. However, it is still very readable.

Product Description (from book)
Abby's mother is a successful actress Maxine Anderson - a household name. And there are people at Chalfont, Tammy-Ann Ziegler for instance, who won't let Abby forget that for a minute. But Abby is determined to succeed as an actress without help from anyone. So when she unexpectedly lands a part with a professional theatre company, she doesn't tell a soul who she is. Not even attractive Ricky Maitland. 

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